U.S.U. AFRS Type 1 "Trashcan" 1/12 Scale Figure

U.S.U. AFRS Type 1 "Trashcan" 1/12 Scale Figure

The AFRS (Autonomous Field-Repairable Soldier) is the military force to protect and serve the government of the United States of Utopia (U.S.U.).

Called Trashcan by humans, the AFRS Type 1 is a dreadful combatant to humans on the battlefield. It’s built with a slim and rigid body and equipped with a modified Stoner 63A machine gun and a pair of fold-in-sleeve tactical blades. It is powered by a compact V-flow system which can be easily swapped internally when the power gets low.

A unit of five AFRS type 1 comprises a Pentacle Squadron. Connecting each other with an encrypted network, 5 units are able to make a unified response instantly on the battlefield. A Pentacle Squadron has an effective firing range covering 3000 meters with a maximum range of 8000 meters. AFRS has been proven to be superior combatants compare to humans in both urban and wide-open battlefields. In melee combat, human soldiers would not stand a chance against a beast made of steel.

  • 6.25 inches (15.875cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the United States of Utopia (U.S.U.) original series
  • 41 Articulated points, including double ab crunch
  • Machine gun with removable magazine and feed way assembly 
  • Double blades can be folded and tucked into underarms

Type: 1/12 Figure

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