SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Frame (Gray)

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Frame (Gray)

It's a new line of BB kits with more customization options than ever! Every kit comes with the standard "Super Deformed" frame, but all the kits are also compatible with the separately-sold Cross Silhouette frame, which can be used to give the kits an entirely different set of proportions upon completion! 

This frame is the same as the previously-announced one, but this comes cast in a darker gray color, designed to
 match the Zaku II. Pick which one you like better or grab them both!

Combine with other SD Gundam Cross Silhouette line items to recreate the tall proportions for each MS! Like, the White version, this also includes different attachment points and is compatible across the SDCS line. This frame includes a GM head. Runner x1. Instruction manual x1.

Type: Model Kit

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