S.H. MonsterArts - Godzilla vs. Kong: King Kong -Event Exclusive Edition-

S.H. MonsterArts - Godzilla vs. Kong: King Kong

Limited Event Exclusive

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Modeling and Coloring:

Kong’s chest injured in the fight with Godzilla has been produced in 3D with newly modeled parts. What’s more, we’ve revamped the body coloring to look like the image in the final showdown. We’ve added red staining paint and white shadow to faithfully reproduce the image from the movie.

Effect Parts:
We have reproduced with coloring a luminous axe that has been hit by Godzilla’s Heat Ray. Reproduce the scene in which Kong strikes back against Mechagodzilla, by attaching the newly modeled effect parts to the axe part.

We have included three uncolored, mini-figure “HEAV” crafts that explored the Hollow Earth with Kong, and the specially purposed wire props enable you to create displays freely. On top of that, there is an accessory of Mechagodzilla’s damaged head, so you can fully reproduce the image of Kong’s majestic victory in the fight. And, in addition to the exchangeable head part with a roaring face, we have included a newly modeled clenched face.

Product Description:

  • Main body
  • Exchangeable left hand x 3 types, Exchangeable right hand x 4 types
  • Exchangeable head x 2 types
  • Luminous Axe
  • Godzilla's Heat Ray effect
  • Mechagodzilla head part (damaged specification)
  • Uncolored HEAV mini-figures x 3
  • Supports and display stand set

Type: Figure

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