RG Destiny Gundam (Titanium Finish) - P-Bandai Exclusive

RG Destiny Gundam (Titanium Finish) - P-Bandai Exclusive

Gundam P-Bandai Exclusive

Based on the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny anime series, the Destiny Gundam Zero model kit is in 1/144 scale and becomes a fully articulated figure once complete. The Destiny Gundam includes the Arondight beam sword, high energy long-range beam cannon, anti-beam shield, Solidus Fulgor beam shield generator, High Energy Beam Rifle, Flash Edge Two-Beam Boomerang weapons and features a titanium finish.

  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of ABS, PP, and PS
  • Full articulated once complete
  • Japanese import exclusive

    • Pieces to build
      • Destiny Gundam
      • Arondight beam sword
      • High energy long-range beam cannon
      • Anti-beam shield
      • Solidus Fulgor beam shield generator
      • High Energy Beam Rifle
      • Flash Edge Two-Beam Boomerang
    • Instructions

Type: Model Kit

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