PG GN-0000/7S OO Gundam Seven Sword G

PG GN-0000/7S OO Gundam Seven Sword G

Under the supervision of its original designer, Kanetake Ebikawa, the 00 Gundam is re-introduced to the Perfect Grade line with new parts in the head, legs, and shoulders that refine its body proportion in addition to new weapons! Designed as an alternate equipment loadout, the Seven Sword/G equipment features 7 GN blade themed weapons and 1 blaster: GN Buster Sword II, GN Sword II Long, and Short blades, 2 GN Katars, 2 GN Beam Sabers, and the GN Sword II Blaster each with displayable gimmicks The GN Buster Sword II can convert between shield and sword forms and features LED gimmicks. GN Sword II Blaster when fully assembled, measures over a foot long (13.38”)! GN Katars can be mounted on knees and also held in hands. Both GN Sword II can convert between sword and rifle modes, and a wire is included to replicate the rocket anchor ability of the Short sword.

Flying down to the battlefield with Setsuna, F · Seiei who was awakened by Innovator as a body equipped with seven swords and guns. In addition to arming, new modeling parts are also added to the main body. The aircraft that was active in "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Senki" is kitized with PG! 
Refined proportions, renewed coloring and texture expression.

  • Adjust proportions of each part such as legs, head, and shoulder. By new modeling parts, make it more refined impression.
  • Adopt molding material that emphasizes texture. Under the supervision of Ebi Ekawa Kanitake, the molding color is completely renewed.
  • Armed parts cover variable light gimmicks
  • GN Buster Sword II reproduces the light gimmick by the LED.
  • Newly developed light guiding parts of the new mechanism (patent pending) by understanding the setting shape and performing detailed light guidance analysis and design
  • Large Armed GN Sword II Blaster is reproduced in a large size of about 340 mm in total length.
  • GN Qatar can reproduce various variations such as mount to the leg part by itself, connected state and so on.
  • GN Sword II Long / Short form can be reproduced by replacing, Long rifle in rifle state, Short can be reproduced using lead wire injection mode.

[INCLUDED ACCESSORIES] GN Buster Sword II × 1, GN Sword II Short × 1, GN Sword II Long × 1, GN Qatar × 2, GN beam saber × 2, GN Sword II Blaster × 1, Action base × 1

[CONTENTS] Runner × 44, foil seal × 1, Marking seal × 1, Dry decal × 1, GN drive × 2, LED unit × 2, Hexagon bolt × 2, Screw (long) × 4 (short) × 2, Hexagon nut (large) × 2 (small) × 6, Coil spring × 8, Rubber seal × 2, PE sheet 2 types × 1 each, Bis × 1, Lead wire × 1, Instruction manual x 1

    Type: Model Kit

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