NX-0055 EVA-08 β-ICC (Improvised Combat Configuration)

NX-0055 EVA-08 β-ICC (Improvised Combat Configuration)

The Evangelion Type-08 β-ICC (improvised combat configuration), as seen in remarkable aerial combat in the Rebuild of Evangelion movie joins NXEDGE Style series!

Highly detailed sculpting and over twenty points of articulation make this figure a must-have for dramatic displays. The set includes two Gatling cannons, four bandoliers, and a stand.

  • 3.9 inches (9.9cm)
  • From Rebuild of Evangelion
  • Made of plastic
  • Over twenty points of articulation
  • NXEDGE Style series

    • EVA-08 β-ICC figure
    • 2 Gatling cannons
    • 4 Bandoliers
    • Stand

        Type: Figure

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