MX-IX-T Paean (Cartoon Version)

MX-IX-T Paean (Cartoon Version)

X-Transbots Paean stands about 8 inches tall in robot mode and transforms into an off-road towing truck. Paean contains die-cast in the joints and feet and features rubber tires, clear car lights, clear light gray tinted windows, newly designed fists, and a shining polished car shell.

Product Features

  • 8 inches (20.32cm) tall in robot mode
  • Utilizes translucent parts in the windows and lights
  • Features Rubber tires with die-cast joints and feet
  • Shining polished car shell
  • Towing gimmic back of the truck

Box Contents

  • Paean figure
  • Solar tower
  • 2 Movie masks (One for MP26 Tracks, one for Paean)
  • Wrist Hammer
  • Replacement wrist missile launcher
  • 2 Wrist MP weapon adaptors (For MP30 Ratchet weapon accessory)-Claw arm
  • 2 Long distance car loaded catching arms
  • Toy head as a bonus
  • Wrist attachable two mouth shooting weapon
  • Bio card
  • Instruction manual

      Type: Figure

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