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MG Gundam Ex Impulse -  P-Bandai

P-Bandai Exclusive

From "Gundam Build Divers" official side story "Gundam Build Divers Genius Head Line" serialized in "Gundam Hobby Life", the Gunpla "MG 1/100 Gundam Ex Impulse" has appeared!

Manfred von Sakazaki's gunpla, "Gundam Ex Impulse", the leader of the air combat force "Blue Brigade", has been commercialized in the MG series. Please pay attention to the bold modeling that combines massive details and sharp form.

While inheriting the characteristics of Impulse Gundam, the customized shape of the aircraft is reproduced with new modeling parts. Detail up the head, shoulders, arms, waist, legs, etc.

The characteristic white and gray coloring reproduces the color coding by dividing the parts with the molding color. Equipped with original armed gimmick. The original silhouette "Ex Silhouette" that realizes acrobatic maneuvers is reproduced with new parts.

The variable gimmick of the wing can be transformed into two types of flight modes. The attached silhouette flyer can be equipped with an Ex silhouette and displayed. Equipped with an original beam rifle designed to control air battles.

It consists of sophisticated detail parts, and a beam blade can be attached to the muzzle. Can also be mounted on the waist. In addition, decals for improving the details of each part are included, including the emblem of the "Blue Brigade" and the title of "Ace".

Type: Model Kit

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