Kamen Rider Geats: DX Powered Builder Buckle & Gigant Buckle Set

Kamen Rider Geats: DX Powered Builder Buckle & Gigant Buckle Set

DX Powered Builder Buckle & Gigant Buckle Set from Kamen Rider Geats!

- If you set the [Powered Builder Buckle] with the Gigant Sword Buckle and the [Boost Raise Buckle] attached to the [Transformation Belt DX Desire Driver] (sold separately) on the belt, the Geez transformation standby sound will be activated!
- In addition, open the grip of the powered builder buckle and push it in to move the arm! The LED emits light and the transformation sound is activated, and you can enjoy the transformation into Kamen Rider Geez Powered Builder Form.

- Also, if you set Kamen Rider Seeker Core ID, Powered Builder Buckle, and Gigant Holder on your belt, you can enjoy transforming into Kamen Rider Seeker Powered Builder Form.
- Armed play is possible by setting the Gigant Buckle to the Powered Builder Buckle.
- In addition, you can activate super special moves by replacing the three buckles of Gigant Hammer, Gigant Blaster, and Gigant Sword one by one and operating the grip.

- Equipped with a voice gimmick, the voice will be activated even if it is a single item.

(Other than the set contents included with this product, all items are sold separately.)

[set content]
・ Powered builder buckle ・・・ 1
・Gigant Hammer Buckle・・・1
・ Gigant Blaster Buckle ・・・ 1
・Gigant sword buckle ... 1
・ Gigant holder ... 1
・ Rider Core ID (Kamen Rider Seeker Core ID) … 1

      Type: Prop Replica

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