Kamen Rider CSM: Kamen Rider 555 Faiz Gear (Ver. 2) Set - P-Bandai

Kamen Rider CSM: Kamen Rider 555  Faiz Gear (Ver. 2) Set - P-Bandai

From Kamen Rider Faiz, comes the Complete Selection Modification of Faiz Gear! Light up features based on the show, along with the original Japanese Audio.

By entering the number "5, 5, 5, ENTER" into the Faiz phone and setting the Faiz phone in the Faiz driver, the transformation sound to Kamen Rider Faiz is activated. After transformation, press the "ENTER" button on Faizphone to wirelessly communicate with each gadget, and each gadget will play a special move sound.

The Faiz Driver and Faiz Phone are new designs that combine multiple prop designs that exist differently for each scene of "Kamen Rider 555" and put them into the optimal design as a product.

From the 2016 release version, Faiz Phone has reviewed the LED arrangement structure of the screen light emission, and by renovating it so that five places in the screen emit light in a rectangular shape, it is possible to reproduce the production close to the play. The Faiz Phone has changed various sound effects, including transformation sounds and deathblow sounds, to be closer to the production in the play. In addition, new elements such as "transformation release sound", "ringtone", "wrist shake sound", "orphnoch transformation sound", "transformation error sound", and many new BGM are newly recorded.

The sound effects of the attached Faiz Pointer and Faiz Shot have also been changed to a sound composition that is closer to the production in the play, including "ashing sound".

In the 2016 version, the phi pointer, which could project the "φ mark", has changed the projection design to the effect design of the "pointing marker" that is released during the special move. The "projector" newly added in this product communicates wirelessly with each item such as Faiz Pointer, Faiz Shot, Faiz Accel, and automatically projects a "life-size φ mark" at the end of each special move sound. Now possible.

Faizphone contains newly recorded lines by Kento Handa, who plays the role of Takumi Inui, Yuria Haga, who plays the role of Mari Sonoda, and Ken Mizorogi, who plays the role of Keitaro Kikuchi. Takumi Inui's dialogue voice is added from the previous work. By switching to "Dialogue Mode", you can play special moves with Inui's shout added. Also, if you press the "CALL" button while the Faiz Phone's ring tone is ringing, the call lines from Mari and Keitaro will be played randomly.

  • Made of ABS, PVC, PC, nylon, and POM
  • Based on Kamen Rider 555
  • Part of the Complete Selection Modification series
  • Capable of producing sounds and voices from the actual show
  • Features LED effects on some of the toys
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation


  • Faiz Phone
  • Faiz Driver set
  • Mission Memory
  • Faiz Pointer
  • Faiz Shot
  • Faiz Shot Holder
  • Leg Holder
  • Attachment Parts
  • Projector
  • Instructions

*Watch is not included

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Type: Prop Replica

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