Hi-Metal R: Votoms - Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom

Hi-Metal R: Votoms - Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom

Become the best "worst bastard" of the Gilgamesh Corps! Equipped with a number of movable joints, the movement of the figure links to overwhelming play value. Enjoy the thrill of the holding the "real" version of the robots that you admired when you were younger!

The RED SHOULDER CUSTOM joins HI-METAL R, boasting movable action centering around the alloy joints. A Chirico figure with movable joints is also included. Designed so that you can fully enjoy Votom's greatest appeal—the sense of a true-to-life war machine. In addition, this product can be changed to the normal SCOPEDOG's specifications by switching the weaponry.

  • Approx. 165 mm
  • ABS, PVC, Die-Cast• Main body


  •  Spare antenna
  • 2 pairs of interchangeable hands (L/R)
  • Replacement left shoulder armor (red shoulder)
  • Heavy machine gun
  • Arm solid shooter
  • Side Gatling gun
  • Control box
  • Rocket pod
  • Missile launcher
  • 2 magazines
  • Short barrel for recombination
  • 1 Chirico figure set (1 interchangeable left hand, 2 interchangeable right hand, 2 interchangeable heads, special pedestal)


Type: Figure

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