Hi-Metal R VF-1A Valkyrie (Hayao Kakizaki) - P-Bandai Exclusive

Hi-Metal R VF-1A Valkyrie (Hayao Kakizaki) - P-Bandai Exclusive

P-Bandai Exclusive

Unleash the power of the VF-1A Valkyrie (Kakizaki Hayao Use) with the limited edition HI-METAL R figure from Bandai Spirits. This highly detailed figure brings the iconic mecha from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross to life. Designed with precision and authenticity, the VF-1A Valkyrie is meticulously sculpted and painted to capture every intricate detail of its sleek and powerful form. With multiple points of articulation, you can pose the figure in dynamic action stances and recreate thrilling aerial battles. The limited edition version features exclusive extras and special packaging, making it a must-have for Macross fans and collectors. Take command of the VF-1A Valkyrie and defend the galaxy in style!

Set Content:

  • Body
  • Valkyrie TV version replacement left wrist 5 types, replacement right wrist 3 types
  • Landing legs (front, back/left and right)
  • Gun pod
  • A complete set of joint parts for the Tamashii stage
  • AAM-1 missile x 4
  • Main wing left and right
  • Left and right main wing for missile suspension
  • Small main wing
  • Batroid chest detail parts left and right
  • Detail parts for Battroid flanks
  • Replacement gun pod grip
  • Canopy
  • Shutter open air intake left and right
  • Pilot figure
  • Two sets of dedicated pedestals (Hayao Kakizaki, Teru Ichijo)
  • Product size: H: 140mm / 5.51"inch
  • Material: ABS, PVC, Die-cast

Type: Figure

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