HG Zeta Plus C1 - P-Bandai

HG Zeta Plus C1 - P-Bandai

P-Bandai Exclusive

Transformable MS MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1 finally joins the HCUC lineup!!

From “GUNDAM SENTINEL”, the Earth Federation Forces spacetype transformable MS Zeta Plus C1 model is finally released in the HGUC series. Characteristic weapons are reproduced with brand new molds!!  

Characteristic weapons form! 
Besides front armor and side armor, characteristic weapons form are reproduced with various new molds, such as the propane tank and the four nozzle thruster built into the backpack.  

Beam Smart Gun reappears!     
Formed with a long barrel, radome, wing, etc., the impressive Beam Smart Gun is reproduced with new parts in mechanical detail.  And it can be put into two-handed shooting pose. With the Beam Smart Gun's joint part, it is also possible to hold the weapon with two hands together.  

Wave Rider transformation is possible!     
It is possible to reappear the transformation from Mobile Suit form to Wave Rider form by changing the parts. The Wave Rider form is compatible with a separately sold Action Base 2, enable for the flying display.  

Comes with marking seals that include the MS body marks!  

Weapons :Beam Smart Gun / Beam Saber 

Type: Model Kit

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