Haslab Exclusive - Transformers Generations: Deathsaurus - Exclusive

Haslab - Transformers Generations: Deathsaurus

One of the most feared beings in the known universe, Deathsaurus has spread his reign of terror and destruction for eons. The only force stopping him from achieving ultimate power has been that annoyance of an Autobot, Star Saber. But his brilliant mind has thought up a new plan, and this time, nothing can stop the Emperor of Destruction. Deathsaurus is launching his next attack – turn HasLab into the ultimate weapon and destroy Star Saber, once and for all!

Hasbro Pulse is bringing Transformers fans a battle of epic proportions! Last year, HasLab brought Japanese canon into the world of Transformers for the first time with Victory Saber*. Now, we invite you to welcome the archnemesis of the Supreme Commander of the Autobots into your collection. The powerful and ruthless Decepticon, Deathsaurus, is the next HasLab project!

  • Premium 11-inch Deathsaurus converting figure inspired by the Japanese anime, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory
  • Converting Tigerchest and Eaglechest Micromaster figures
  • Death Tailer shield accessory
  • Sword and arrow accessories


Deathsaurus has a pretty iconic alt mode, and the team made sure the figure design reflects just how awesome it really is. This figure converts between robot and his powerful griffon-dragon alt mode, with plenty of features befitting the Decepticon warlord, including wing, claw, and jaw articulation. Deathsaurus stands at an impressive 11-inch height in robot mode, to scale with the prior HasLab Victory Saber figure. This figure is animation-accurate and features 30 points of articulation for creating epic battle stances and iconic poses from the anime.

Deathsaurus has deployed the Chest Animals! Deathsaurus wouldn’t be complete without his iconic Micromaster chestplate beasts, Eaglechest and Tigerchest. Eaglechest coverts between eagle and cassette modes, and Tigerchest converts between tiger and chest piece modes. The cassette-mode Eaglechest figure can fit inside the chest of Deathsaurus. The Tigerchest figure attaches to the Deathsaurus figure as a horned chest piece. Both Micromasters also convert to weapon modes that Deathsaurus can wield in battle! The Eaglechest figure has a 6-inch wingspand and converts to a double-barreled blaster accessory, and the 4-inch-long Tigerchest figure converts to a bow accessory.

Deathsaurus can’t crush his archnemesis without his iconic weapons! Pose Deathsaurus challenging Victory Saber* on the battlefield with the included sword accessory that the figure can hold. Attach the Tigerchest figure in bow mode and pose Deathsaurus taking aim at his archnemesis with the included arrow accessory. This figure also comes with the classic Death Tailer shield accessory that attaches in alt mode as the tail of Deathsaurus.

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