Frame Arms Girl Sousai Shoujo Teien Wakaba Girls' High School Winter Clothes Bukiko Kotobuki (Modeler's Edition) 1/10 Scale Model Kit

Frame Arms Girl Sousai Shoujo Teien Wakaba Girls' High School Winter Clothes Bukiko Kotobuki (Modeler's Edition) 1/10 Scale Model Kit

A “modeler edition” loaded with extras inspired by a modeler’s work desk is joining the lineup!

Bukiko is Ao Gennai’s trusty friend who knows a lot about making models, right? As such, we have created a “modeler edition” that comes with items familiar to a modeler such as an airbrush set, a brush and paint bottles, and even a work desk and chair. The kit even comes with hair parts from when she undid her twintails in the bath scene from the anime and a Stylet model. The set also includes five unpainted face parts and decals that can be used with existing Frame Arms Girl models. Have fun mixing and matching a variety of extra parts with this Bukiko kit.

This is a limited edition item and is only available in limited quantities from select retailers.

In addition to the standard twintails, this kit comes with a bob cut from the bath episode of the anime. In addition to the nippers that are also included in the standard kit, the modeler edition includes a work desk, desk chair with wheels, airbrush set, brush, and small and large paint bottles. The drawers on the desk can actually be opened! The desk chair with wheels has three heights to choose from, allowing users to match the height of the seat according to the displayed model. A cable has also been included for the airbrush set to act as the air hose between the compressor and hand piece. A holder for the hand piece is also included for when Bukiko isn’t holding it. This hobby knife is from the anime poster with Gourai holding a large hobby knife. Display it with Hand Scale Frame Arms Girl Gourai to recreate the key visual!

An all-new “gripping (special)” hand part has been created to hold the hand piece included in the airbrush set. Additionally, a “gripping (from anime opening)” hand part has been included to allow users to recreate the scene in the anime opening where she is holding nippers and winks. Two Kotobuki Nippers have also been included to recreate the nipper dual-wielding scene, also shown in the opening animation. Another highlight is the “squeezing” hand, which was created with the image of the scene in part one of episode three of the anime where Bukiko is grinning at Gourai and Stylet. Combine these hands with the grinning face part to recreate the classic Bukiko scene.

The work desk, desk chair with wheels, and airbrush set all use different colored material and are already colored separately to their minimum. The paint bottles are made with clear material and their caps are silver, meaning they can be painted to any preferred color.

The included unpainted face parts are compatible with the Frame Arms Girl series (sold separately) and can be attached to head parts such as those of Gourai and Stylet. Note that decals need to be attached and the mouth and cheeks need to be painted. The diameter of the neck ball joint is 5mm. The head part can be exchanged with separately sold characters from SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN, Frame Arms Girl, or ARCANADEA. The kit also includes a neck part to make the model compatible for Megami Device models, too!

Product Features

  • Approx. 6.10 inches tall (15.5cm)
  • 1/10 Scale
  • Made of PS, ABS, POM, and PVC
  • Based on Frame Arms Girl
  • Part of the Sousai Shoujo Teien series
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Bukiko Kotobuki
    • Face parts (pre-painted)
      • Smug
      • Poking Tongue Out
      • Grinning
      • Crying
      • Smiling
    • 5 Face parts (unpainted)
    • 5 Megami Device-compatible face parts (unpainted)
    • 2 Skirt parts
    • 12 Hand parts
    • Bare feet parts
    • Smartphone
    • 2 Nippers
    • School bag
    • Work desk
    • Desk chair with wheels
    • Airbrush set
    • Airbrush cable
    • Brush
    • 2 Large paint bottles
    • 2 Small paint bottles
    • Frame Arms Girl stylet (Unarmed Mode)
    • Large hobby knife
    • 6mm diameter neck part for Megami Device
    • Display base
  • Decal sheet (Standard Expressions)
  • Decal sheet (Compatible Expressions)
  • Instructions

Type: Model Kit

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