Figure-rise Standard - Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva Form)

Figure-rise Standard - Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva Form)

The last part of the Heisei protagonist Kamen Rider plastic modeling project is Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva Form) from "Kamen Rider Kiva"!

I'm going to go crazy!

In order to reproduce the pose unique to Kiva, the movable axis of the hip and hip joints has been reconstructed. The waist exterior moves in conjunction with the internal parts of the hip joint, enabling a wide range of movement of the legs. It comes with a wide variety of hand parts and a Figure-rise Effect pedestal.

Product Features

  • Made of plastic
  • From the Kamen Rider Kiva series
  • Part of the Figure-rise Standard series
  • Highly articulated
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Kamen Rider Kiva
    • Hell's Gate open right leg parts set
    • Fuessl set
    • Set of hand parts
  • Connection joint parts
  • Figure-rise effect pedestal
  • Kibatbat display pedestal
  • Instructions

      Type: Model Kit

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