DC Comics Variant Batman Rogues Gallery Mr. Freeze Play Arts Kai

Mr. Freeze, Batman's foe with a heart of ice, enters the Rogues Gallery series!

Mr. Freeze is driven to freeze all living things that they might be preserved forever, giving him the reputation of a ruthlessly cold and unforgiving villain. In this entry of the Rogues Gallery series, our designers have imagined Batman's foe with a surrounding air of subzero temperature, freezing everything in his vicinity.
For realistic form and color, surface texture of the frost and ice covering his entire body are differentiated based on the underlying materials of his armor and suit. We have spared no expense in our use of translucent parts to emphasize his frozen finish.
His accessories include gadgets such as a batarang designed to resemble an ice axe and of course, a Freeze Gun. The tank on the bottom of his gun can be detached and a connecting tube can be linked to his waist, allowing our Rogues Gallery Mr. Freeze to amplify his icy power directly from his cryogenic suit.

Type: Figure

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