AGP Strike Witches Yoshika Miyafuji

AGP Strike Witches Yoshika Miyafuji

The flying witches from the popular manga and anime series, "Strike Witches" join the gorgeous ranks of the Armor Girls Project line-up. The first release will be Yoshika Miyafuji -Shin Den ver- replete with Shinden Striker Unit and 13mm Type99-2-2 Machine gun. The set features effect parts for machine gun muzzle flash and magic symbols, as well as an extensive assortment of leg propeller parts, interchangeable hair, tail, facial expressions, and hand and leg parts that will make you feel like you are actually touching the anime.

Product Features

  • 4.49 inches (11.5cm)
  • Made of ABS and PVC
  • From Strike Witches 2 
  • Includes interchangeable faces and weapons

Box Contents

  • Yoshika Miyafuji figure
  • Shinden Striker Unit
  • 13mm Type99-2-2 Machine gun
  • Effect parts for machine gun muzzle flash
  • Magic symbols
  • Interchangeable leg propeller parts
  • Interchangeable hair
  • Interchangeable tail
  • Interchangeable facial expressions
  • Interchangeable hand parts
  • Interchangeable leg parts

Type: Figure

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