Shin Godzilla: Hyper Solid Series - Godzilla (Second Form)

Shin Godzilla: Hyper Solid Series - Godzilla (Second Form)

The King of the Monsters returns to the Hyper Solid Series in his second form!

This was the first evolution of Godzilla from a mostly unseen form, and it was quite different from the familiar shape.

While Godzilla's second form stands on two legs, it is extremely long and low to the ground, walking on two thick legs. Godzilla in this form is further differentiated by its multiple rows of spiky dorsal spines and gill-like structures on its neck that produces a red fluid. This second form is a perfect miniature replica of the movie, featuring a highly detailed sculpt and stunning paint applications that capture the textured brown hide, bone-colored spikes, and of course the eerie red glow emanating from within his body like a powerplant.

Godzilla is over 10 inches long in its low stance. Like Shin Godzilla before it, this version of the King of the Monsters comes with a movie logo plate that you can display alongside it.

Show off your love of Godzilla with this incredible collectible of one of the kaiju’s most unique forms!

  • 10 inches (25.4cm)
  • Made of PVC and ABS
  • Part of the Hyper Solid Series
  • Features unique sculpt and paint application

Type: Figure

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