Riobot 018 Mospeada VR-052T Ray

Riobot 018 Mospeada VR-052T Ray

Designed in cooperation with the original designer of the Mospeada itself Aramaki Shinji and engineered as a perfect transformation toy by the elite toy engineering team T-REX to create the ultimate Mospeda toy. 

The armor cycle mode was redesigned based on actual motorcycle frames to create a new never-seen-before take on the classic armor cycle. By using diecast in the frame they have created a highly sturdy 1/12  transformable toy.  

Small details such as the HBT power tubes will be faithfully recreated as seen in the original anime. 

The ride suit worn by Ray will be done with cloth to allow for full range of movement when mounting the armor cycle. 

Size: Approx. 16cm
Accessory: Main figure, Exchangeable Head, Fist x2, Open hand x2, Weapon holding hand x2, Base
Material: Diecast, ABS, PVC, PA, POM
PKG: H250 x W250 x D130 mm

Type: Figure

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