Hagane Works: RoboCop Model Kit

Hagane Works: RoboCop Model Kit

Armor of steel! Presenting an alloy action figure of RoboCop. From the original 1987 movie RoboCop, comes this alloy incorporated cyborg police officer! The holster in his leg can be opened and closed, and his Auto 9 can be stored inside.

Three face parts including an expression with a closed mouth, an expression as though warning his adversaries, and an anguished expression are all included. Damaged head and chest parts are included as well. Open hands closed hands, hands for holding his gun, and a Terminal Strip hand are included. The Cobra Assault Cannon is included as well. The figure also comes with a display stand with storage space for the optional parts.

    • 6.69 inches (17cm)
    • Made of ABS plastic and zinc alloy
    • Metal chest and legs
    • From the original RoboCop movie
    • The stand has storage for parts!

      • RoboCop figure
      • 3 Faceplates
        • Standard face
        • Warning face
        • Anguished face
      • Damaged head 
      • Damaged chest
      • Optional hands
        • Open
        • Closed
        • Gun-wielding
        • Terminal Strip
      • Auto 9
      • Cobra Assault Cannon
      • Base and stand

      Type: Model Kit

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