Figuarts ZERO Extra Battle Buggy the Clown "Paramount War"

Figuarts ZERO Extra Battle Buggy the Clown  "Paramount War"

Extra size, action, and detail, that's the FiguartsZERO Extra Battle One Piece series! The three key characters who save Ace in the Marineford arc of the story, also known as the Paramount War, are joining the line! Buggy the Star Clown is rendered in his Splitting Human form after absorbing the power of the BaraBara fruit, with dynamic coloring and that wildly happy look on his face! This set also includes a stage.
  • 7.40 inches (18.80cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From One Piece
  • Based on the Paramount War arc
  • Extra size, extra action, and extra detail

    • Buggy the Clown figure

        Type: Figure

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