TransFormMission - TFM - Havoc - Car Combiner Set of 5


Transformission's Havoc Combiner is Masterpiece scaled and includes all 5 figures and combiner parts to form the mighty Havoc! Set includes two bonus pieces only available with the first release of the Havoc set! 

Each TF-M Figure is MP scaled, transforms from race car to robot and back and all 5 members combine to form the mighty Havoc! Havoc will stand 15"/38 CM tall and merge to form one of the largest combiners to date! 

Set Includes:
- TransFormMission - Havoc - M-01 Disorder 
- TransFormMission - Havoc - M-02 Carnage 
- TransFormMission - TFM - Havoc - M-03 Powertrain 
- TransFormMission - Havoc - M-04 Over Turn 
- TransFormMission - Havoc - M-05 Revolt 
- Combiner Parts to Form Havoc 
- Bonus parts only available with first release 
- Weaponry: Combiner Gun & Sword, individual bot weapons 

Type: Figure

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